Our College Consulting Program has two main components: preparing for college, and succeeding in college. The college preparation program uses a total, comprehensive approach. Together with the student, we figure out what needs to be done in order to maximize your chances of getting accepted to the school(s) of your choice, then we help you do it. Once you've gotten your acceptance letter(s), we tackle the next, often-overlooked part: how to be successful in college. College is no longer the end for most people, meaning you need to do well throughout college so that you can move on to the kind of life you want after you get your Bachelor's degree. Yet a surprisingly large number of people do not know how to get the most out of college. We will help you deal with everything college life can throw at you, so that eventually you won't need us!

Are you a high school student planning to go to college?  Through our comprehensive college preparation program, you can assess your readiness, clarify your academic goals, figure out what needs fortifying, and start on building your unique strategic package that will highlight your strengths to the schools that are right for you.  And when it comes to applying for colleges, we advise you on everything to do with applying to colleges: which ones, how many, whether to do EA/ED, interviews, getting recommendations, filling out the applications including the essay, and making the final decision.  By the time you know where you'll be for college, you will already be well ahead of others in being prepared for it, which we will take further by getting started on the pre-college consulting portion.  Contact us for further details.

Are you facing problems, even small ones, in college?   College should be, and is for most, a most exciting and crucial time when you come into full adulthood, and plant the seeds that will go a long way to shape your future life and career.  Think about all the time and effort that went into having a successful high school career and getting accepted to the college of your choice.  Then think about how much you have done in comparison to prepare for actual college life! College is NOT easier than high school by any means.  Graduation rates have been going down.  Yet many enter college without proper preparation or skills, then experience difficulty when unexpected hurdles appear or when obstacles are more serious than expected.  Often, problems are interrelated, and you may find yourself feeling alone, lost or helpless, although there are individuals and groups who are supposed to be able to support you, because not one person or group can see all of your issues solely with your interests in mind.

That's where we come in.  Whether related to studies, specific subjects, relationships with professors and classmates, daily schedules and self-discipline, friends and love life, summers and the remaining collegiate career, or considering your post-collegiate options, we are here to guide, plan, help, support, cheer, advise, and consult (as well as console).  Comprised of main consultants and extended networks of individuals with varied fields of experties and experiences, EDUCHORA's College Consulting program addresses any and all issues arising in your college life, so that you can get the most out of your college years.  Starting before you enroll in college, we prepare you for life in college in general and the particular school you'll be attending, then stay with you as you progress through college via regular contact where we spot emerging problems and deal with any concerns that come your way, by devising solutions customized for you!  You also have opportunities to take part in our series of webinars conducted by leaders in various fields, whom you may want to contact for more in-depth support.  

You and people around you have made many sacrifices for you to be where you are.  Do all you can to make your college years really count.  Contact us for further details.