Clients ranging from international supermodels and K-pop idols to prominent civic officials and business executives have all benefited from our instruction services. We specifically design a program based on your needs abilities in order to increase your cultural awareness and help you achieve your dreams and goals more easily and quickly.

     Designed Only for You



We take individuality seriously.  You get a service designed specially for you. 
It may consist of such elements as:

    - cultural coaching;
    - accent correction;
    - language and behavior specific to various casual and formal occasions;
    - understanding how a native speaker thinks;  
    - vocabulary and expressions;
    - what not to say and do, and why;
    - establishing reliable habits; and
    - best mindset for improving.



We define nodes as sweet centers of information and human intensity. Our approach moves from node to node by a process of lively association. The fascinating cultural, intellectual and human information encountered in a nodal structure leads to thorough and long-lasting understanding of language.



You can sign up for a single- or multi-session service where you will get consultation, counseling, and coaching for any concern or specific issue you have, such as a business campaign, educational planning, interviews, or presentations. You can choose from one-, four-, and six-session package, which can also be adjusted to your situation.

You can enroll in a program made up of a longer series of sessions. A typical program consists of 24 sessions. An accelerated course is also available. 

Or, you may want to take advantage of other types of sessions such as a diagnostic consultation, on-location coaching for such events as business meetings, formal gatherings, photo shoots, etc. 

In each case, you get a choice of setting, size, and length of sessions: face-to-face or remote; one-on-one or in a small group; under an hour to all day. For example, a twelve-week program which usually meets twice a week at our location may, at times, meet for two sessions once weekly, or over Skype, as your circumstances change.

If you are looking to improve your writing skills, you can take our acclaimed writing training. Conducted via email, your particular writing needs will be addressed through a series of topic-specific essays.

We also provide project-specific services such as document preparation, translation, and revision. Looking to redo or launch your web page? Revise your media kit? Want a compelling mission statement? Applying for an important post? What we do is so much more than just correcting sentences or translating what you give us, although we do those things better than others. We get to the essence of why you need the document, and strive to produce the most effective document to achieve the goal.