Educhora's event planning and production services combine our experience in cross-cultural strategy consulting with our vast network of resources and the innovative ideas of our personnel. We treat every project with its ultimate goal in mind and a keen eye to details. Our events are characterized by efficiency and creativity, common sense and flair. With integrity as the fundamental ingredient in every idea that is conceived, developed and realized, our events are designed to address the varied needs of our clients.

You can work with us in two ways. First, we see an event through from beginning to end: from the inception of an idea to sending out follow-up messages after the main occasion. Alternately, we handle select parts of an event in cooperation with you or other participating entities for your event. Either way, you and your event will benefit from our expertise and committment.

Contact us to arrange a meeting so that we can get started on making your event a successful, meanigful and fulfilling one.