American English and Culture consulting & coaching

Increase confidence,  achieve success,  and find fulfillment  in your work and life!

Educhora is a comprehensive consulting firm specializing in language and culture. We offer a customized solution based on your particular needs.  We give you all the help we can for you to become more comfortable with English and life in America.  All of the services we provide are based on our belief that linguistic and cultural fleuncy go hand in hand, meaning the more you know about one, the better you understand the other. 

Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Diagnostics for linguistic proficiency and cultural familiarity 
  • Multi-week Instructional Program on American English and Culture
  • Writing Training for business and school
  • One-time Instruction, Counseling & Coaching for business, education, interviews & presentations
  • Document Preparation, Review, Revision & Translation
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