What matters

Interview with State Assemblyman Johnson

Khora has never pegged Dr. Choi as politically occupied, but there she was, seated facing New Jersey State Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson, nodding a lot and even cracking a few smiles as she grilled interviewed him.  What did they talk about? What didn't they talk about? They covered everything from his close links to the Korean-American community in the tri-State area to his tireless, ongoing efforts to promote the issue of the so-called comfort women, to other issues he's been passionate about such as gun control, to his family and his seemingly perpetual campaign for reelection.  But don't take Khora's word for it; ecce here!

Dr. Choi was reportedly a bit disappointed (a rare occurence!) that they cut out most of the funny parts in the final version.  What were they, you ask?  Well, perhaps you'll get in the loop for a joke or two if you're nice to Khora.