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BFUS Going All Out!

Well, has Khora told you that Dr. Choi, who's on the associate board of directors of the Beautiful Foundation USA, incidentally, will be a co-MC for its 7th annual "I Love Nanum" gala?  There were a slew of articles on the press conference announcing the gala a few days ago, which Khora has frankly been too preoccupied with other stuff to put up here.  But Khora's determination to deliver you all their links at least was renewed upon seeing this full-page newspaper ad!  And there's our Dr. Choi!  In case you don't recognize her swiftly, there's "Educhora" right under her photo! Well, under her name written in hangul under the photo, to be more precise.  

An inside source has also tipped Khora that she may be pulling double duty there!  As to what the second duty is, check back closer to D-Day!