What matters

Meeting Kyu Lee

Khora is envious that Dr. Choi got to meet this driven, innovative, and confident person in person.  Many know him as the one responsible for bringing Psy to the global audience, but Kyu's professional accomplishments go far beyond that.  He agrees with us @educhora that Asian entertainers trying to make it in America and in the rest of the world need to be known as individuals, and not merely be archetypally known as "Asians."  And that to that end, they need not only to have language skills to be intelligible but be versed in the culture of the country where they bring their talent, such as humor and the art of conversation.  Khora eagerly seconds what he said, as relayed by Dr. Choi, that one should "do as the Romans do when in Rome."  Khora would like to qualify that a bit, though, and say that one should "have the ability to do as the Romans do when in Rome."  Dr. Chris, ever so in tune with Khora, explains that doing as the locals do does not mean one should abandon or subjugate one's native, and most likely natural, way of doing things.  Rather, learn and become familiar with how the locals think, do, and speak, so that you can then choose whether and how to incorporate, adapt, and transmute that into your own style.  See, you have the agency, to use a pet word of Althusser and his posse, in this situation.  

Anyway, here's wishing you the best, qflava, in all your projects and future plans!