Who We Are

Just as we believe that there is no one single method that fits everyone, we know that the highest level of satisfaction is reached when clients are matched with the consulant(s) who can address their particular set of issues the best.  People (and animals) who are affiliated with Educhora are a varied and special bunch.  Some of us were born in the States while the rest of us hail from three other continents.  All of us have lived abroad, most of us are multilingual, and many of us are multicultural as well, qualities we at Educhora value and appreciate.


Dr. Choi received her Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Harvard University. She holds a Master of Arts degree in Regional Studies-East Asia, also from Harvard, and a Master of Science degree in Materials Engineering from MIT, where she also earned her Bachelor of Science degree, with a Minor in music.

She started teaching collegiate-level students as a sophomore in college, and has taught or helped teach classes at MIT, Harvard, Tufts and Boston College in mathematics, science, Western and Eastern film, and music. She has presented, organized and led workshops at domestic and international conferences. She has experience in the government, academic and private sectors, in such capacities as translator, researcher and editor. Her publications and writings are in literature, science and music.

In addition to her work at Educhora, she produces and hosts a twice-weekly show on KBN TV, where she gives short lessons on American English. She was a member of the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, affiliated with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. She is also a fan of sports and fashion.

She may be reached at: chris (at) educhora (dot) com