Who We Are

Just as we believe that there is no one single method that fits everyone, we know that the highest level of satisfaction is reached when clients are matched with the consulant(s) who can address their particular set of issues the best. People (and animals) who are affiliated with Educhora are a varied and special bunch. Some of us were born in the States while the rest of us hail from a few other continents. All of us have lived abroad, most of us are multilingual, and many of us are multicultural as well, qualities we at Educhora value and appreciate.

Chris Choi, PhD

Chris Choi, PhD

Dr. Choi is a bilingual and bicultural consultant and scholar specializing in cross-cultural awareness and promotion. As Co-founder and President of Educhora, she is responsible for projects and programs designed to increase intercultural appreciation. Her ability to reach a wide range of demographics effectively has led to fruitful working relationships with artists and attorneys, philanthropists and proprietors, teens and teachers. She has also worked with such organizations as media production companies, multinational enterprises and government agencies, and advises individuals and groups seeking intercultural or international communication and outreach.

A practice continued from her days in academia is translation. Dr. Choi has published English translations of Korean fiction, poetry, and biography. Another is teaching at the college level, which she maintains by serving as a recurring guest lecturer at Boston College on such topics as classical music, film, and Korean literature. She has taught or helped teach classes at Tufts University, Harvard University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Choi received her PhD in Comparative Literature from Harvard, and a Master’s in Regional Studies–East Asia, also from Harvard. Before that, she studied Materials Science and Engineering at MIT, earning another Master’s as well as a Bachelor’s, with a Minor in Music. She is a fan of sports and fashion.